Our Story

Happy Jars is about making healthy eating easy and uncomplicated.  

Started by Vikram, a national-level equestrian (horse riding) competitor, Happy Jars was born from the need for healthy and nutritious food, without the addition of chemicals, unnatural fats, preservatives and an overdose of sugar. Nutrition and fitness have always been important in Vikram’s life and once he realized his love for peanut butter could be the answer to his daily need for protein, he created Happy Jars. A year and a half after he started, Surabhi decided to quit her full-time role and join him as well.

Uncomplicate healthy food - that's what we're about. We use basic ingredients - like the kind you would find in your home kitchen - and create recipes for nutritious food and snacks that are good for your body and taste delicious! We don't add any hydrogenated fats or preservatives, and we use unrefined natural sugar as far as possible. As fitness-conscious people, we understand the amount of hard hard work that goes into maintaining our bodies and healthy lifestyles, and that's exactly what we aim to simplify with Happy Jars.

Health & Happiness always, 
Vikram & Surabhi