• Salad Duo - Jaggery Creamy PB & Unsweetened Creamy PB

    525.00 475.00

    Gorging on the greens every night? Indulge yourself in some delicious peanut dressing fun with the creamy salad duo. The duo includes one jar of the Unsweetened Creamy PB for a great peanuty taste in Thai salds or Satay dips. The Jaggery Creamy PB is great for dressings in which you want some sweetness along with the peanut flavour.

    Quantity: 290g x 2 Jars

    Ingredients: Jaggery Creamy (Peanuts, Jaggery, Salt); Unsweetened Creamy (100% Roasted Peanuts)

    Shelf life: 6 months from manufacturing date