Why choose us?

Simply because we've cracked the most delicious recipe for this super food. Don't take our word for it - those that have tasted us have said Happy Jars is 'yummy'. With nothing but peanuts, jaggery and salt, Happy Jars Nut Butters are pure goodness in a jar. Great for your power-packed mornings, delicious when spread on fruit & for some people it tastes best when licked right off the spoon. Dig in!
We don't add hydrogenated fats, oils or preservatives. Our peanuts are blended with their natural oils for that yummy taste.
We check ingredients carefully, roast and blend them to perfection, to give you the perfect Happy Jar every time.
The jaggery in our recipe gives our peanut butter a tempered sweetness but it's free from the ills of refined sugar.

What people are saying about us

Don't just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

 This has to be the best peanut butter in the country. We bought a bottle of the chunky one and it's gone in a matter of days. It tastes yummy but the after taste is just something else. 
 - Nivedita

Yummiest Peanut Butter I've ever tasted! Had fun trying all kinds of weird combinations to go with it. Marie biscuit, bread, toast, and just my own index finger - all work. Breakfast scene, sorted! In particular, the Happy Jars after-taste is something I haven't come across anywhere else. It's a wee bit dangerous because, it just makes you want more of the same! A Happy fanboy. 
 - Eshwar

“ Truly awesome stuff! Also, I used to clearly prefer chunky PB to smooth. Now i can't make up my mind. True story. 

A delicious addition to my Vegan diet! Absolutely yummy! Thank you. 

Just bought a jar of peanut butter, finished 75% of it already!
  - Rohit

 Tasty and healthy, It's the tastiest peanut butter i have had till date. Couldn't stop myself from eating until it was finished. Also, it is homemade and has no preservatives added. So it is a healthy option for the bread spread. 
 - Ankita

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